Anatomie Mensch Torso

Anatomie Mensch Torso. This is an excellent example of an african skull and perfect for use with our asian and european skulls for comparative study. Simply a learning resource you can trust to make your studies easier.

Menschlicher Torso stockfoto. Bild von muskulatur from

Ventral is an adjective with the meanings: Includes a legend which explains how to identify particular trigger points and their pain zones. Der torso ist ein ideales demonstrationsmaterial für den biologieunterricht.

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Anatomie Torso Kaufen

Anatomie Torso Kaufen. Choisissez la référence de la librairie médicale depuis plus de 30 ans : 4 individual objects (spine portion, ribs, cartilages, sternum), sharing the same non overlapping uv layout map.

Anatomie Torso XXL Körpermodell Anatomiemodell Körper from

Sortieren nach beste ergebnisse sortieren nach. Suche verfeinern anatomie muskeln sobotta wilhelm loth sobotta anatomie embryologie schattentheater dampfmodell anatomie modell menschliche anatomie prometheus menschliches skelett skelett modell anatomie mensch organe kyborg. This model was constructed with utmost care and attention to detail, with clean edge flow for rigging comfort.body geometry has been unwrapped and ready for texturing process.

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