Eyebrow Anatomy

Eyebrow Anatomy. A small, arched dormer that projects only slightly from the. The bony ridge extending over the eye.

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The arch of short hairs covering this ridge. First, stop waxing and toss the tweezers. It is made of a dense, strong fibrous wall consisting of the sclera that is 5/6 th and the cornea that is anterior 1/6 th of the eyeball.


Eye Anatomy Medial Canthus

Eye Anatomy Medial Canthus. The structure of the palpebral fissure is maintained by the tarsal plates suspended by the medial and lateral canthal tendons (fig. The upper and lower eyelids meet each other at an angle of about 60 degrees at medial (nasal)and lateral (temporal) canthi.

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Anatomy of the human body. The precise anatomical arrangement of the various components is debated, but in practice they are not. When the mct is absent, the medial eyelid commissure, whether native or reconstructed, should be sutured to the periosteum of the medial orbital wall in a location that provides good eyelid.