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Anatomy Back Body. The back comprises the spine and spinal nerves, as well as several different muscle groups. Bones, nerves, and conditions interactive model.

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Because the greater part of thebecause the greater part of the body weight lies anterior tobody weight lies anterior to the vertebral column, the deepthe vertebral column, the deep muscles of the back aremuscles of the back are important in maintaining theimportant in maintaining the normal. No need to register, buy now! My scenes allows you to load and save scenes you have created.


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Human Anatomy Torso Back. The muscles of the human body can be categorized into a include muscles relating to the head and neck, muscles of the torso or trunk, muscles of the upper. Attached to the pelvis are muscles of the buttocks, the lower back, and the thighs.

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The removable parts and organs in this torso anatomy model include: Vertebrae, intervertebral discs, spinal cord, spinal nerves, vertebral arteries, and many other features are represented in detail in this colorful replica of the human anatomy this human torso model includes the following removable parts and organs:. 3d human anatomy torso back muscles.