Uterus Anatomy Model

Uterus Anatomy Model. Be the first to review this product! On a coronal cut section, its cavity has an inverted triangle shape.

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Modèles 3d pour jeux, architecture, vidéos. Lovely female gynecologist in blue shirt looking at camera and smiling while holding uterine ovary. Female health models anatomical 3d female anatomy models for sale, including uterus and ovary models, used for patient education on issues concerning womens health.


Anatomy Uterus Cervix

Anatomy Uterus Cervix. The cervix is composed of two regions; The cervix of the uterus is the tapered inferior region of the uterus.

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The uterus has an inverted pear shape. • runs upwards through the broad ligament along the lateral border of uterus with a tortuous course. The portio supravaginalis and portio vaginalis , respectively.