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Rabbit Internal Anatomy. The skeletal system of the rabbit is comprised of both cartilage and bone. I will try to show you all the features of external.

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This 3d rabbit model allows the user to view detailed anatomy of the external and internal organ systems. Bensley and craigie (1948) described the anatomical structure of rabbit s abdominal wall in their historical and heritable textbook of bensley s practical anatomy of the rabbit. Continued incision down the center of.


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Anatomy Of Rabbit Pdf. Allen pettey kellogg honors college capstone project abstract with the switch from quarters to semesters approaching for cal poly pomona faculty and students, certain courses will need to be expanded in order to provide an enriching and informative experience. Download or read book entitled bensleys practical anatomy of the rabbit written by edward h.

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Gastrointestinal disorders in these animals can be a challenge to clinicians as not only the motility of the hindgut must be. A rabbit has ears, a nose, a tail, and feet. The anatomy of the rabbit cecum was investigated using macroscopic dissections, vascular injections, dried total specimens, light microscopy, and scanning and electron microscopy.